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Salon Policy

*No visitors accompany you at your service, exceptions are made on case by case basis.

*The minimum age for children services is 9 years old. This means that children need to have a mature attitude for salon services to be provided here at Mane Control Hair Care.

*Small children that are not being serviced must be left at home due to liability. 

*If you are not satisfied with the service you received, let it be known before leaving. No refunds on services or hair products.

*Mane Control Hair Care is not responsible for open sores, hair loss, bumps or scratches due to carelessness of the client.

*Mane Control Hair Care accepts CASH, CASHAPP, ZELLE or DEBIT/CREDIT CARD.

*In the event you can not pay when service is done, you will be ask to leave your state ID until FULL payment is received. Authorities will be notified in extreme cases.

*Mane Control Hair Care takes pictures and videos for promotions purposes with the clients consent.

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